The City Beautiful is a City of Rainbows

We SAY GAY Here!

The political consensus in Orlando supports local diversity laws and policies and is at odds with recent trends in Florida. For instance, the recently passed FL House Bill 1557 (“Don’t Say Gay” / “Don’t Say LGBTQIA”) has grabbed national headlines however local opposition to the legislation is fierce. Orlando is, in effect, an accepting island in a sea of less supportive views — a “blue” city in a “red” state, like Austin is to Texas or Sao Paolo is to Brazil. Holding WorldPride 2026 in Orlando will inspire others facing similar political oppression to fight back and show that our community will never back down.

Orlando is home to the most gay and lesbian coupled households in the entire state of Florida.

The Heart of Florida

It is hard to explain the “authentic” Orlando. Large entertainment companies spend hundreds of millions of dollars every year to cultivate a traditional family and children-centered image. Traditional and social media emphasizes Florida’s political conflicts and outrageous occurrences. But the experience of living here is much different and is supportive of LGBTQIA+ residents.

#4 Nationally in Coupled Households

Orlando placed fourth on a ranked list of metro areas nationwide with the highest concentration of gay and lesbian coupled households, according to the Census’ 2019 American Community Survey. The percentage of all LGBTQIA+ residents of the City of Orlando is 7.7% and 5.7% in the larger metropolitan area.

Four of Orlando’s top private employers totaling 115,000 local employees (Walt Disney World, Comcast/NBC/Universal, Lockheed Martin, and Siemens) have a 100% score in the Human Rights Campaign’s Corporate Equality Index.

Popular & Inclusive Neighborhoods

Orlando is more like a small city that has grown big. It does not have super concentrated “gayborhoods” like the Castro, Wilton Manors, Soho or The Marais. Rather, LGBTQIA+ residents live all over the metro with various areas like Winter Park, Lake Eola Heights, and Colonialtown having a higher concentration of LGBTQIA+ residents and businesses.

The ViMi District, more officially known as Virginia-Mills, is one of the city’s most vibrant gay neighborhoods. North of Downtown, the Ivanhoe Village District is a colorful area of shops and laid-back neighborhood dives. Just east of Downtown, Thornton Park is full of lovingly restored historic homes along with well-known shops and trendy restaurants.

Orlando downtown cityscape
This map highlights several neighborhoods with higher concentrations of LGBTQIA+ individuals
Popular LGBTQIA+ establishments
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Orlando neighborhoods map
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