Sustainable. Secure. Safe.

Working Towards a Fully Sustainable WorldPride Orlando in 2026

The WorldPride Orlando 2026 team will work to create guidelines, develop procedures, and evaluate vendors to ensure we put on the most sustainable WorldPride 2026 possible. We will make eco-friendly practices a top priority in order to reduce environmental harm. Areas our teams will address include:

  • Waste reduction
  • Encouraging reuse/recycling
  • Reducing single-use plastic
  • Eliminating food and drink wastage
  • Utilizing Florida Green Lodging Certification hotels for their environmental conscientiousness
  • Holding major indoor events at venues that have environmental mitigation practices in place

In 2019 Come Out With Pride attended an Orlando City Council meeting to advocate robust sustainability guidelines for events taking place at city-owned venues. With their passage, we became the first major event to comply with and go beyond the new environmentally friendly policies. By reducing the use of plastics, encouraging reusable materials, and purchasing offsets to make our event carbon neutral, the city’s Director of Sustainability noted that the festival was a model for future events to follow.

We aim to ensure all safety personnel have been trained on matters relating to the unique needs of our international visitors and our LGBTQIA+ community (especially trans and non-binary individuals).

Safety Plan designed to ensure Attendees Feel Secure

Each planned event will have a formalized assessment of safety developed in cooperation between local authorities, security experts, health officials, and LGBTQIA+ community organizations. A clear chain of communication between event staff, WorldPride managers, and police/fire/government officials will be established.

All large, open-air WorldPride events will be held in areas where special districts provide an increased law enforcement presence from their respective authorities. This stepped-up focus has enabled these highly-visited tourism areas to maintain a strong reputation in the travel industry as a safe experience for visitors. The theme parks, stadiums, resorts, and arenas that will host events each currently have their own security protocols that will be evaluated and augmented as needed by WorldPride organizers. In any situation where additional resources are required, those needs will be addressed by utilizing the City and County’s Special Police Operation function and/or private contractors to ensure safety for every event.

Healthcare and proximity to emergency room services are excellent across Orlando and Orange County, especially since most WorldPride events are in the urban corridor of the area. There are four large regional hospitals (one a Level 1 Trauma center), seven smaller hospitals, and 18 emergency rooms. First aid and medical assistance are planned for each event and staff will be well versed on how to obtain help. Counselors and mental health resources will also be available at select events and locations.

Translation Services

We are committed to making our international guests’ experience in the United States and Florida as easy and enjoyable as possible. A team of translators will make all official publications and public information available in a range of languages including English, Spanish, Portuguese and French/Creole. Further, translators and American Sign Language (ASL) interpreters will be available at most of the large public events including the opening and closing ceremonies.

Entry Requirements

Citizens of 40 countries participating in the Visa Waiver Program are eligible to apply for ESTA (Electronic System for Travel Authorization); this allows an applicant with a valid e-Passport to enter the United States for tourism purposes for up to 90 days without a visa. Others can apply for a Tourism B-2 visa online or at their country’s United States Embassy or Consulate.

A Preview of WorldPride in Orlando

A Preview of WorldPride Orlando 2026
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